Hawksview Gig

Hawksview JoannaThe Southern Indiana Writers invaded Kentucky this past weekend. We set up headquarters at the Hawksview Gallery and Cafe, a fabulous showcase for local artists, an art glass factory and aHawksview restaurant featuring above-the-ordinary but reasonably priced food. They are not paying us to say that.

Some of the SIW couldn’t make it, some preferred not to wear costumes and some–okay, ONE, and you know who you are–threatened to hurt your humble webmaster if she saw her picture up here with kitty ears on it. Naming no names, but look back through these postings for the picture of the one with the name badge stuck to her forehead.

Anyway, we were at the Hawksview on Friday for the dinner crowd and on Saturday for the lunchers. We read stories from our various anthologies, talked about the group and mingled with the patrons.

Hawksview TJoanna dressed as a fortune teller, Ginny is our own little Nanny Ogg, T wore a Renaissance gown she made herselfHawksview Ginny and carried a cedar staff she fashioned out of a limb that fell from a tree in her back yard, Jeannine wore a beautiful Colonial-style dress, and Marian says she was dressed as October. Smart money says she was just too lazy to assemble or make a real costume.

We met a woman who writes poetry but had no one with whom to share her love of writing, and we were able to give her the contact information for a couple of groups near her. We met a woman who doesn’t like to read but who discovered, through our presentation, that she loves being read to–she’s going to look into getting books on tape. She also asked if we have any of our stories recorded. We don’t, but we have a new project…. We met another woman who doesn’t write, but is a creative decorator, who wants to catch us at another gig sometime. We hope she does; she was a lovely and fascinating person.

Our next gig is, in fact, this coming Saturday, Hawksview JeannineOctober 24th. We’ll be sellingHawksview Marian books at Halloween on the Square in Corydon, Indiana, in front of Magdalena’s Restaurant and Cafe on the Square. We may also be reading at the First State Capitol Building–that part of the plan is still under construction. We’ll be in front of Magdalena’s at the very least from 5-9, but may be there earlier. Whether or not we read at the First State Capitol Building, we can probably be persuaded to do requests. Oh, and we’ll be GIVING AWAY FREE COUPONS for Magdalena’s with every purchase. You know the routine–the more you spend, the more you save. Makes a great gift, too.

Hope to see you in Corydon at Halloween on the Square on the 24th!


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