Arts Council of Southern Indiana Appearance

The Southern Indiana Writers were out in force at the Arts Council of Southern Indiana‘s The Animals In Us exhibit.

The Usual Suspects

Reading from left to right, we are:

Dirk Griffin, Ardis Moonlight, Ginny Fleming, Joanna Foreman, Samantha Lopez, Joy Kirchgessner, Marian Allen and T. Lee Harris. There are more of us, but these are the only ones they could cuff who were able to attend.

We had BEASTLY TALES on display and for sale. Excerpts were projected onto a screen, and Dirk, a professional actor, read selected stories and poems aloud.

Joy Kirchgessner also had a piece of three-dimensional art on display, a fabulous mask:

We told them all about ourselves, but they still invited us to come back. So we will.

Those are paw prints, not bullet holes.


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