Road Trip To Carmel

Yeah, so we carjacked this Volvo and forced the driver to take us to Carmel. This was on November the something. Doesn’t matter–it’s over, now.

I took pictures of my co-conspirators, but they pointed out that posting them would kind of make what we did with the driver a waste of effort, so I won’t post them.

We approached our target:


Little did they know…. HA!

The Mystery Company turned out to be a great place, and we would have said so, even if it DIDN’T have a coffee and chocolate shop as part of it.


Jim Huang and a charming woman whose name I never got were actually happy to see us! We don’t get that very often.


And a fine time was had by all.


We forced the driver to bring us back home, where he was released unharmed. Happy, happy day.

Our next signing is December 13 from 1-4pm at the Harrison County Public Library. Meanwhile, we had a signing at Cafe on the Square in Corydon, Indiana, but another of our merry band has the pictures, and I’m hoping to get her to post a narrative. It will be interesting, if she does, I can assure you….

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