We Raid The Library

On May 30, we commandeered a table or two at the library. Under the stairs, in time-honored Harry Potter fashion, but we dispensed with the cupboard.

lib 5-30-09 light

Present when the picture was taken: (standing) Ardis Moonlight, T. Lee Harris, Jeannine Baumgartle, Joanna Foreman, Bonnie Abraham.

(seated) Ginny Fleming, Marian Allen, Joy Brown Kirchgessner.

We had our GHOSTS: ON THE SQUARE… AND ELSEWHERE…. and our new book, MOST WANTED.


Excerpts from all our books in print are available at the Southern Indiana Writers web site. All except THERE’S SOMETHING UNDER THE BED-TIME STORIES–we sold out of that one at the Howard Steamboat Museum Chautauqua and need to do a reprint.

Had a fairly steady stream of browsers and we always enjoy that. We like it when people feel free to come and look and talk without feeling pressured to buy. Not that we’re opposed to sales, but we like it that people feel welcome at our table.

Frank Bill dropped by for a visit. Frank is a writer of gritty noir fiction–or, as he chillingly assures us, SEMI-fiction.

We talked to Ms. Snyder, who does Corydon’s Unsavory Past, and she thought, for some odd reason, we would fit right in with that presentation. We also talked to the folks at Magdalena’s about an eat-and-meet event there. We’re planning on hitting Context science fiction convention again this year, and hoping to go to Publishers Row Lit Festival in Chicago next year. “‘Roun’ ‘roun’ get around, we get around” is going to be our theme song, I do believe!


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