Better Late Than Never

Our rotten, lazy, no-good slacker webmaster (I am the webmaster) forgot to post this report on this SIW appearance. Here it is, with sincere apologies from the RLNGSW.



On Sunday, Nov. 1, SIW was invited to the Old Bridge Inn bed and breakfast to participate in a fund raiser day of ghost story telling to benefit the Animal Protection Association. Personally, I was more than willing to help the APA out a bit. Back in May, when SIW had a table at the Howard Steamboat Museum’s Chautauqua, I was adopted by a tiny ball of fluff named Taylor who was then residing in an APA display cage. He has since moved in and is now a full fledged member of the feline family.

As glad as we were for the invite, the timing of the event couldn’t have been much worse. Most of SIW’s members were out of town or had prior commitments, so it wound up being just Dirk Griffin and myself. One other member tried to make it, but her GPS kept sending her to a cemetery instead of the B&B. Sorta appropriate for a day of ghost stories if you want to get right down to it. *snicker*

Old Bridge Inn is a beautiful place with high ceilings and inlaid hardwood floors. That day, it was decorated with wonderful vintage Halloween items ranging from tiny jack-o-lanterns on the twin dining tables to the nattily attired papier mache pumpkin-head frozen in the act of tipping his lid to passersby. There were no photos, I’m sorry to say. Airhead that I am, I didn’t think to bring my camera. I’ll have to get my mind wrapped around that idea a bit before it becomes second nature to me. It’s a shame, too. Linda Williams, the inn’s owner, had us set up in a gorgeous glassed-in side porch with a HUGE table. When I saw the layout, I was glad I’d tossed the tin cat lanterns and faience ushabtis to help fill up the space. I was kicking myself that I’d been too lazy to dig out the box with the other iron stands; they fit well with her antique decor and we had ample room for more. Needless to say, Beastly Tales, the book with Boudicca on the cover got a lot of attention from the APA folks.

Dirk read his story the Lover from our ninth anthology, There’s Something Under the Bed-Time Stories, and got a great reception. Afterward, one of the ladies told him his aura was golden and that there was a gentleman in a frock coat standing behind him. One of the Old Bridge Inn’s resident ghosts coming to enjoy the story? Who knows.

Even though it was a small turnout, we sold several books and made some excellent contacts. Book sales AND contacts AND we were able to donate a portion of our sales to the APA. Can’t beat that combo. It was a very enjoyable afternoon and the current plan is to do it again next year, but on Halloween night rather than All Hallows Day. Also, instead of a tour of the B&B, there will be a full walking tour of the street. Linda Williams would like SIW to set up to read and sell again then. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun and SIW is looking forward to it already.


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