We Make It To Madison

Yesterday we took a pleasant road trip to Madison to deliver lots of books for our signing scheduled for January 15. I drove, and T. Lee, Marian and Samantha rode along. Frank, the owner, made a list of every book, how many we had, and what he would pay us when they sell. He is a cheerful and professional bookstore owner and he said he’s really looking forward to having us there. He asked how many might be there because his wife plans to bring refreshments.

It’s an easy 45 minutes from Clarksville, straight over to Highway 62. He’s having his fifth anniversary on March 19 and asked if we’d like to be a part of a bookfair he’s having. The entire time we were in his store, people were coming and going, buying books. He carries mostly used paperbacks and he LOVES books. You can donate your old paperbacks to him if you’d like, or he can trade them for you.

It should be fun. The rain (snow and ice) date is January 22. Does everyone plan to attend?


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