What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

We’ve been having a blast this summer. We went to ConGlomeration SF convention in Louisville, Kentucky, where we schmoozed with old friends and new, and had readings/signings at the Harrison County, Indiana Library and Widdershins (now Gaia’s Spiral) gift shop in Louisville.

Then there was our field trip, which was like calling the James Gang’s Great Northfield, Minnesota Bank Robbery a field trip. We met in Clarksville, Indiana and carpooled. Joy gave us “mood pencils” that change color with temperature, so that held up the works for about a quarter of an hour while we played with those. Then we sorted ourselves out and piled into cars like so many Keystone Kops and took off. We blew into Nashville, Indiana like an ill wind. Here is our mug shot:



This will be on the cover of our official 2008 anthology, MOST WANTED.

After we made bail, we took over the Hob Nob and wolfed down a wagon-load of vittles and moseyed around the corner to The Book Loft and left some of our anthologies for sale. When ten hard-bitten characters like us start milling around your store muttering things like, “Nice little place you got here. Be a shame if something BAD happened to a nice little place like this…,” you stock whatever they hand you. heh heh heh

Now we’re making plans to hit Columbus, Ohio’s Context spec-fic lit convention in September. The fun never stops.

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