Signing Song

We’re heading back to Nashville
To read and sign our books.
Y’all come on out and see us
And give us fishy looks.
October’s great in Nashville
With Autumn leaves red hot.
The 4th from 1 to 4, y’all,
and The Book Loft is the spot.

Before we go to Nashville,
we’ll be in Lou-is-ville.
September 4 at seven
Carmichael’s gets the thrill.
I mean the one on Frankfort
Not Bardstown (that’s too small)
Come on and hear us reading.
Buy one book–BUY THEM ALL!

This has been a public service announcement and not an attempt to drum up business oh no not at all we would never stoop to that classy bunch that we are.

BTW, check our Calendar page for more signing/appearance dates.

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