FandomFest 2011

Member T. Lee Harris made it onto some panels at FandomFest. Member Marian Allen was too pokey and missed the deadline, but attended anyway.

Actual photo from dealers' room on Saturday.

We were in the dealers’ room, which sounds like a lot more fun than it is, although it was a lot of fun in spite of hotel snafus, NOT the fault of the festival organizers. If the hotel didn’t want us there, they could have just said so, instead of trying to render us down to lard. Maybe they were experimenting to see if paper really does burst into flame at 451 degrees Fahrenheit.

T. Lee was on these panels:

Everything You Wanted to Know About eBooks:  A comprehensive overview of the world of eBooks, from the formats, to the readers, to the markets.  This panel will help you understand the digital publishing realm a little better, and give you some leads to follow if you are interested in seeing your work in eBook formats.

Techniques for Good Short Fiction:  Short stories are not the same thing as novels.  With much smaller word counts (and often very strict ones for anthologies), you have to keep certain things in mind as you craft a short story.  This panel explores the techniques and approaches for writing compelling and effective short fiction.

SIW shared a table with Hydra Publications, a relatively new small press with an impressive collection of titles.

FandomFest will be held in a different hotel in 2012. We plan to be there.


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