Context24 2011

T. Lee Harris, Marian Allen and Samantha Lopez represented SIW at Context24 this past weekend. Nick Winks, one of the mainstays of the con, was unable to do his usual magic, but Susan Kehner picked up the fallen wand and made the magic happen anyway.

We rode up with the fabulous Dave Creek, who’s a bookstore-cruising son-of-a-gun. We hit three this year, on the way to the con. Bought some, too. Crazy, old-fashioned things, made of ink printed on paper and bound together into pages. You turn the paper pages just the way you turn the pages on your iPad. Amazing! Okay, enough sarcasm.

We did our two standby panels, Blogging for Writers and Pod, Kindle, Smashwords and Other Dirty Words.

Samantha was on a panel called How I Write, in which she gave props to SIW for encouragement (read: nagging). Samantha writes intriguing stories both literary and speculative, with deeply personal elements that spice her work with edginess.

Marian Allen was on a panel about NaNoWriMo, aka National Novel Writing Month. The consensus was that it’s a great tool, however you choose to use it. It may be “supposed” to be a writing community challenge to write 50,000 words in 30 days on a particular project, but it’s more useful as a personal challenge and as a virtual retreat. Tell yourself and everyone around you, “I can’t do all the things I usually do this month–it’s NaNo, and I’m writing.” Then concentrate on writing, whether it’s a set of short stories, a novel, outlining, polishing, spitballing, or whatever writing you’ve been putting on the back burner for whatever good reason or feeble excuse.

Marian and T were on a panel called Having Fun – Who Needs Work? or What Keeps You Motivated To Write. All agreed that we write because we write. We get crabby if we’re kept from it too long.

T and Samantha were on a panel called Why I Write, which seemed a bit redundant. The room was frigid and there was only one attendee other than Marian, so we dissolved the panel and went home.

We’re already making plans for Context25 in 2012. 🙂


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