Habana Blues Fun

As one united group of writers, eleven of us celebrated our individual and group success at recent publishing efforts at Habana Blues, a Tapas restaurant in New Albany, Indiana on Thursday evening, October 13, 2011. Cuban tapas are little bites, appetizer-size, and the table was full of all sorts of goodies that night. Tapas are served on salad-sized plates, so most of us ordered two or three, and there were plenty of goodies to go around. I’d never experienced smoked honey, but when the sweet-potato fries came loaded on a plate with the dipping sauce as an accompaniment, we all dug in and ooh’d and ah’d with satisfaction. Our server was probably the most splendid, patient lady we’ve ever seen. If you’ve not tried Habana Blues in New Albany, we’d encourage you to give them a try. The restaurant is located on the southwest corner of Market and Bank Streets and they’re open seven days a week, lunch during weekdays. You won’t be disappointed!

As a group, Southern Indiana Writers have been meeting for nearly twenty years. Our members with recent individual publishing credits are Ginny Fleming, T. Lee Harris, Marian Allen and Joanna Foreman. We posed famously for photographs with our new books, and all of the other members held up for display Southern Indiana Anthologies in which their stories were published.

Besides the four already mentioned, the other writers and members in attendance were Carl Page, Glenda Mills, Samantha Lopez, Jeannine Baumgartle, Dale Yocum, Dirk Griffin and Ardis Moonlight.

As a group we presented T. Lee Harris with A Concise Dictionary of Egyptian Hieroglyphic Symbols, one of her favorite subjects when it comes to historical fiction writing. T. Lee Harris is the Creative Artistic Director for our group, working long hours compiling our individual submissions into presentable books each year with extraordinary illustrations to match each story, along with attention-grabbing cover designs.

I had been out of town for nearly two months and hadn’t attended our weekly meetings locally. Carl Page asked me if I showed up only at SIW functions where food was involved. I chewed and swallowed a beef empanada, took a nice-sized draw from the straw in my 10-Cane Rum Mojito, and threw him a grin across the table. “I’ll try to do better,” I said in apology. I’m decadently thinking ahead to our Christmas Party!

~ Joanna Foreman

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