Going Down Island Tybee-Way

Well… ♥  The weather’s here. Wish you were beautiful.  ♥

Silly me. *YOU’RE* as beautiful as the sun I *know* to be on the other side of the curtains.  "Tybee Pier"But I dilly, dally & digress (a southern law firm). It was laundry-morning, here. The sun must wait a few more minutes until the farmin’-chores’re done with. I’m told after we milk the chickens, and check for eggs under the cows, then we’re gonna see if the Atlantic’s still there where we left it yesterday, then mebby on to the Lighthouse? It’s a plan.

When we “come back cottage way”, MA & T Lee will tie me down and force me to pound this keyboard again. I’m fixin’ to take this Devil’s Plaything surfin’, myself. Keyboard’s VERY twitchy down here. Wicked muscle spasm between the “E” and the “L” keys. Makes me sound simple. You didn’t notice? How very nice of you to say.

Fins Up! —> Ginny Fleming

Well… if you & I are lucky, there will be a purty pitcher in this post:

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