Nashville Signing

Five members of Southern Indiana Writers went up to Nashville, Indiana in Brown County to sign and sell books at The Book Loft: Joanna Foreman (driver), Marian Allen, T. Lee Harris, Joy Kirchgessner and Bonnie Abraham. Those who couldn’t attend signed GHOSTS: ON THE SQUARE–AND ELSEWHERE at the meeting before the trip.

One of the churches was having a street festival beginning right next door to The Book Loft. One might hope that this would draw foot traffic into the store, but one would be wrong. Lured by free music, face painting, silent auctions, cheap food, jumble sales and books by the box, people passed us in droves. Joy and Joanna stood outside and shilled, passing out the GORGEOUS brochures that Joanna produced, and we did get some customers. Under the circumstances, we were not displeased, and we had fun, as always. Met a lot of really nice and interesting people, too, which is always a plus for a writer.

Bonnie taught Marian how to make the string figure “The Seagull”, but Marian can’t remember how to do it without Bonnie leading her through it, step by step.

Our next appearance is a split bill: Some of us will be at Corydon’s Halloween on the Square some time on October 24th and T. Lee Harris and Marian Allen will be in Muncie at the mystery convention Magna cum Murder on October 24-26.

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