Fandom Fest 2012

Three of us were able to attend and people a table at Fandom Fest 2012.

The Galt House, where the Fest was held this year, provided us with a wonderful surprise: a chronosynclastic infundibulum. In case you don’t know, this is a term invented by Kurt Vonnegut, Junior, and means a place where more than one mutually exclusive thing can be equally true at the same time.

Impossible? Well, parking in the Galt House garages cost nothing, five dollars, seven dollars, twelve dollars, fourteen dollars, and eighteen dollars. They had parking vouchers, had never heard of parking vouchers, had given out all the parking vouchers, had sent the parking vouchers up to Festival Registration, and didn’t own the garages at all. We totally needed trading cards or scavenger hunt check-off sheets to collect all the truths and see who could get the most.

Stephen Zimmer, again Head Honcho of the Literary Track, did his usual fabulous best at making the track run smoothly and happily. We’ll definitely apply to be on the track again next year!


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2 Responses to Fandom Fest 2012

  1. Ginny Fleming says:

    Whoa! Flashback time! Like, reading this, it was like, so much like “being there, dude”, I, like, looked around the room for the Free-Roaming-Furry or Gumbie-Zombie. And just think! You, like, gave a true accounting of the “Who’s On First” events — and without ONE potty-word. Kudos, Madame.

    And remember our brave Scottish Pirate? Long (short, actually) may his kilt wave! Aye… I still hear his booming voice…. “If I am a lousy dog, you have made me so; you have brought me to ruin and many more! Sir Galt? A pox upon thy House!”

    Ahhh… memories.

  2. riTerz r1tn says:

    Sorry to take so long to reply, Angela! I don’t check the comments nearly as often as I should. We’re an hour away from Cincinnati. There’s a very large and very active group in Cincinnati. That would be your best bet. 🙂

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